[Mommys Boy] Maggie Green, Arietta Adams (Mom’s Closet Crush)
Maggie Green is going down the hallway when she hears heated moans and groans coming from a nearby bedroom, which belongs to her sexy stepson, Johnny. She’s shocked as she peeks into the room and sees him having sex with his cute girlfriend, Arietta Adams. Maggie can’t help but stare for a moment or two before getting embarrassed and hurrying away. Little does she know, this is the beginning of a new fantasy for her…
Over the next few weeks, whenever Johnny has Arietta over, Maggie knows they’re going to get frisky. Because of this, she keeps peeking into the bedroom to watch them. However, as time passes, she starts to become more desperate, wanting to be closer to the action… It’s just that her stepson is so handsome!
One day, when she knows Arietta’s on her way, Maggie quickly sneaks into Johnny’s room and hides in the closet. It’s not long before Arietta and Johnny hurry into the bedroom and fall to the bed, getting hot and heavy.
But Arietta sees the closet door ajar and gets curious, sending her boyfriend away… and confronting his naughty stepmother! Although Maggie’s apologetic, Arietta is intrigued and turned on. That’s when she hatches a sneaky plan to get Maggie in on the fun… which involves blindfolding Johnny!

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