[GirlsWay] Madison Morgan, Jade Venus (oly Matri-Moly!: Make Our Own Traditions)
Jade Venus and Madison Morgan are planning their wedding and realize they can’t keep some traditions intact. Jade especially seems stressed that things are proving to be harder than she thought. They’re not getting married in a church because their parents can’t agree on a religion, they’re using fake flowers since Jade’s allergic to real ones, and they’ve already seen each other’s bridal dresses before the wedding because of getting them hemmed…
As Jade frets, Madison tries to be supportive, insisting that those old traditions don’t matter — they can make their OWN traditions! Besides, they LIKE the hall they have reserved and they’ll save a LOT on flowers by going with fake. Jade starts to perk up, especially as they embrace that they’re not a traditional couple to begin with.
Feeling much more inspired and excited, they decide to make their OWN traditions… Starting with having sex BEFORE their wedding night!

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